Financial Markets

Treasury is responsible for providing advice and support to Government in relation to the regulation of financial markets. Our work focuses on the promotion of efficiency, stability and integrity in Australia’s financial markets (and achieving an appropriate balance between these sometimes competing objectives).

Treasury works closely with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) to provide effective market regulation and supervision and in assessing the need for regulatory change. However Treasury is not involved in front line supervisory or regulatory work, with this falling under ASIC’s jurisdiction.

Treasury’s responsibilities include advising Treasury portfolio Ministers in relation to their financial market functions, such as in relation to financial infrastructure licensing decisions.

Our responsibilities extend to providing policy advice to Government on:

  • financial market design.
  • financial market supervision and competition policy;
  • the regulation of financial market infrastructures including market operators and clearing and settlement facilities;
  • market misconduct, including manipulation and insider trading;
  • short selling, high frequency trading and dark pools;
  • implementing G20 commitments on OTC Derivatives, credit rating agencies and hedge funds;
  • market compensation arrangements, including the National Guarantee Fund and approvals to use excess in fidelity funds for ‘financial industry development’ purposes; and
  • market disclosure issues.

Contact details

Email: financialmarkets@treasury.gov.au
Phone: 02 6263 2048
Mail: Financial Markets Unit
Corporations and Capital Markets Division
The Treasury
Langton Crescent

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