Submissions can be provided in one of two ways – via traditional lodgement of a written submission or by online comment. For both methods, the closing date for submissions is 15 February 2013.

Online comments

The consulation paper is provided in an online format. This option provides you with the opportunity to directly comment on each chapter and proposal in the “Leave a Reply” section (at the bottom of each chapter). This approach will allow to you view responses to your feedback, more readily make additional comments, and engage more directly with other stakeholders during the consultation process. Online comments are subject to our moderation policy.

The system requires you to provide an email address when submitting your comment, however only your name and organisation (if supplied) will be published with your comment. Your email address will be used only by Treasury officials to contact you regarding your feedback.

Traditional lodgement

Alternatively, you may still submit your response as a document, either electronically or by post, although electronic lodgement is strongly preferred. For accessibility reasons, please email responses in a Word or RTF format. An additional PDF version may also be submitted. Responses should be sent to the address provided below.

Written submissions should include the name of your organisation (or your name if the submission is made as an individual) and contact details for the submission, including an email address and contact telephone number where available.

While submissions may be lodged electronically or by post, electronic lodgement is strongly preferred. For accessibility reasons, please email responses in a Word or RTF format. An additional PDF version may also be submitted.

All information (including name and address details) contained in submissions will be made available to the public on the Treasury website, unless you indicate that you would like all or part of your submission to remain in confidence. Automatically generated confidentiality statements in emails do not suffice for this purpose. Respondents who would like part of their submission to remain in confidence should provide this information marked as such in a separate attachment. A request made under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (Commonwealth) for a submission marked ‘confidential’ to be made available will be determined in accordance with that Act.

Closing date for submissions: 20 June 2013.

Mail: Financial Markets Unit
Corporations and Capital Markets Division
The Treasury
Langton Crescent

Telephone enquiries should be initially directed to Percy Bell on (02) 6263 2048.

How we use your comments/submissions

Comments provided through the “Leave a reply” section will be posted immediately to this page. We will use your name to identify these, but not your contact details.

Submissions of a document via email will be made publically available on the Treasury website unless explicitly otherwise requested. This will include contact details.

The comments provided will feed into the decision-making process regarding implementation of Australia’s G-20 obligations with respect to OTC derivatives. You should not assume that any submissions will be used for any other Treasury review, and any other review should be responded to separately.

We will only use your contact details to follow up on your feedback to this consultation process. Your personal information will not be added to a mailing list or used or disclosed for any other purpose without your consent.

We do not share information about you with other government agencies or organisations without your permission, unless it:

  • is necessary to provide you with a service that you have requested;
  • is required or authorised by law; or
  • will prevent or lessen a serious and imminent threat to somebody’s health.

All information is stored and archived for a period of at least 12 months and possibly up to 7 years, in line with our recordkeeping obligations.

For more information about how we protect your privacy and personal information, please see our Privacy Statement.